HORNBLASTERS General Rocker 2 Gallon Air Horn Kit


Rocker 2 Gallon Air Horn Kit

Sale price$675.99
SKU: HK-S2-2


Get ready to make friends on the road with the Rocker air horn kit! Perfect for trucks, cars, or any other vehicles with limited install space, this kit comes with two of our iconic Shocker XL horns which pack a major punch. With a 2-gallon air system, you'll get 5-7 seconds of honk time that will grab the attention of anyone within earshot. And, in a pinch, the included air compressor can even air up a tire if needed. Don't settle for just any horn, upgrade to the Rocker air horn kit and make a statement on the road.

  • Compact Powerhouse: Perfect for vehicles with limited install space, the Rocker air horn kit delivers an astounding honk that ensures your vehicle has a voice on the road.
  • Elite Build Quality: The Rocker Air Horn boasts stainless steel internals housed in a lightweight fiberglass-reinforced ABS composite, ready to handle any conditions thrown their way!
  • Versatile Performance: With its 2-gallon, 150 PSI weather-resistant air system, enjoy roughly 5-7 seconds of continuous honk time. And have the ability to air up tires or use small air tools if needed.
  • Customizable Install: With the horns being individually mounted, this provides the ability to spread them out in any configuration needed.