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Control 4

Control 4 allows us to connect all of the smart features of your home into 1 centralized control. Control everything from a wall mounted control panel, your phone, or just about anything capable of downloading the app. Control 4 allows us to program custom scenes and triggers to create the perfect smart home experience for you, no matter what you are looking for.

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Whole Home Automation

There's a common misconception that a smart home can only be achieved during the building phase. We're here to debunk that myth. Whether your home is in the planning stages, under construction, or has been standing for years, we have the capability to transform it into the smartest one around. Size doesn't matter; whether you have a compact flat or a sprawling estate, our products are designed to scale. You can begin with a universal remote for your entertainment devices and gradually integrate smart lights, door locks, and more as you expand your system.

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Lighting Control

Enhance your home's atmosphere effortlessly by utilizing a range of interaction options. Whether it's a gentle touch on a button, a quick tap on a touchscreen, selecting from your trusted remote, or issuing a voice command to your preferred assistant, you gain seamless control over lighting, room illumination, and vibrant color schemes across every corner of your living space. This level of convenience empowers you to create the perfect ambiance, set the ideal mood, and accentuate your surroundings with ease, making your home truly smart and tailored to your preferences.

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Motorized Shades

Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort with motorized shade control integrated into your smart home system. With a smart home controller, you can effortlessly adjust and manage your motorized shades with precision and ease. Whether you want to let in natural light, enhance privacy, or regulate room temperature, the power is at your fingertips. Enjoy seamless control and automation as your shades respond to scheduled routines, voice commands, or manual adjustments, creating a personalized and efficient living environment tailored to your needs.

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Safety & Security

Ensure the safety of your home and valuable belongings around the clock. Monitor locks, cameras, and garage doors whether you're nearby or miles away. Receive instant alerts when anyone enters your home. Set up automated lighting to illuminate your property as night falls, eliminating the need to enter a dark house. With intelligent security solutions, peace of mind is always within reach, allowing you to trust that your home is secure and protected at all times.

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Multi Room Audio

Immerse yourself in music throughout your home with high-resolution, multi-room audio capabilities. Stream your favorite playlist at full volume throughout the entire house, or enjoy it softly in specific areas like the kitchen. With the simple touch of a button, you can effortlessly control where your music plays, whether it's everywhere simultaneously or in a single room. This seamless integration of audio technology ensures that your listening experience is personalized, immersive, and tailored to your preferences, enhancing your home's ambiance and entertainment options.

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Home Theater

Transform your theater into more than just a movie-watching space; make it a secluded haven that immerses you in every cinematic moment. With the ideal ambiance, your family will be captivated by the movie magic, making it a favorite gathering spot for friends to share in thrilling games or binge-worthy series. You'll find it hard to leave this captivating space, where the viewing experience comes to life. Craft your ideal retreat and surround yourself with loved ones in a scene that's perfect every time—it's more than a switch or a bulb; it's about creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

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Climate & Comfort

Experience tailored comfort settings that you can schedule or activate effortlessly using your phone, touch screen, or voice commands. Seamlessly integrate your HVAC, radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel, and geothermal systems with our smart home control. Easily adjust climate settings via the thermostat or user interface on your touch screen or smartphone. Let the system adapt temperature and humidity based on seasonal changes, and even ignite the fireplace without getting up from your couch. Enjoy a personalized and convenient climate control experience that enhances your home comfort.

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Voice control

Experience the full suite of smart home features effortlessly with voice control using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Josh.AI. Whether you want to command a specific device, multiple devices simultaneously, or your entire smart home, it's as simple as speaking. Interacting with your smart home through voice commands is intuitive and seamless. House guests can also effortlessly control music, lights, door locks, and temperature adjustments without lifting a finger, enhancing the convenience and accessibility of your smart home.

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Life gets busy—but when your home technology is connected into one simple-to-use system, it helps take away some of those daily little stresses. A true smart home makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easy to enjoy.

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