Add the perfect style and protection for your vehicle.

SunTek Window Tint Installation

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic nanoparticles give SunTek® CIR™ its upgrade in tint protection. This advanced ceramic technology helps enhance heat and infrared rejection while its non-metal construction minimizes signal interference for clear communications.

Performance and appearance are a priority with CIR. Comfortable cabin temperatures are maintained while 99% of damaging UV rays are blocked. Available in a range of shade levels, this non-reflective tint is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty1 with protection against change in color.

Ceramic Construction. The Smallest Component Delivers a Big Effect

CIR is produced with a layer containing ceramic nanoparticles, invisible to the human eye. Through ceramic non-metal technology, these particles help CIR offer enhanced levels of solar performance and UV ray protection. For outstanding heat and infrared rejection, glare reduction and UV protection, choose the ceramic advantages of SunTek CIR.

suntek ceramic window tint packages

Get outstanding heat and infrared rejection, glare reduction and UV blocking protection with SunTek's Ceramic TInt.

2 Front Windows

Starting at $200

Full Vehicle

Starting at $625


Starting at $300

Carbon Tint

SunTek® Carbon Series and CXP™ tint Series are engineered to meet today’s performance demands. Carbon construction gives our original Carbon Series and the upgraded CXP™ (Carbon Extra Performance) Series a non-reflective appearance in impressive shades of black to help deliver your desired level of solar protection. A manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty1 protects this duo against color changes.

Carbon Series is constructed with innovative carbon technology for good heat rejection, glare reduction, and U.V. protection. CXP™ features non-metal nano-hybrid carbon composition with outstanding infrared rejection for additional interior cooling.

Advanced Carbon-Based Technology

Carbon films are manufactured with carbon particles rather than simple dyes, which perform at a level above dyed tint products. SunTek carbon tint helps maintain cooler vehicle interiors and will not change color like some dyed films. The carbon component helps block heat and damaging UV rays—helping to reduce the strain on your air conditioning.

Suntek Carbon window tint packages

With our carbon tint packages, you can get your vehicle looking good, reducing heat and adding privacy in no time.


Starting at $75

2 Front Windows

Starting at $135

Full Vehicle

Starting at $335


Starting at $200

Have a side by side or UTV?

We can tint them!

With all the different options and windows on Side by Sides and UTVs, we handle tinting of these vehicles on a quote basis. Reach out to one of our tint specialists to get your machine looking good today!


Your Shade

From CIR 5, our darkest, to CIR 80, our lightest, there is a level of protection and performance to fit your demands. Each one is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against change in fading, cracking or peeling. Darker tint levels can help reduce unexpected glare and add a measure of interior privacy.

our tint comes with a

lifetime warranty

When we tint a vehicle we back it up with a lifetime warranty against cracking, fading or peeling. If you ever have an issue with it, give us a call and we will get it taken care of for you.

Cleaning your tint

  • When it comes to cleaning tinted windows, we always recommend using an ammonia-free window cleaner with a soft cloth or paper towel. Clean your windows in the shade and use a dry cloth for final drying to lower the chances of streaks.

window tint care

  • Wait 3-5 days before you roll down your windows. This allows for the proper curing on your tint to the window.
  • You may notice some bubbles or patchiness in the tint right after you get it, this is normal. We use soap and water when applying the film and that just needs time to evaporate away, these are usually gone within a few weeks on their own. Don't POKE or POP them.