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Outdoor living is a popular choice for home improvements because it allows for more quality time outdoors, creating a healthier and happier environment. However, creating the perfect outdoor space comes with challenges like harsh sunlight, pesky mosquitoes, close neighbors, and unpredictable wind gusts. Going with a motorized outdoor screen offers solutions to these common issues, providing shade, insect protection, privacy, and wind resistance. With our expertise, we can help you overcome these challenges and create the ideal outdoor oasis for your home.

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screen installation

Our business specializes in professional installation services for outdoor screens, providing solutions for a range of challenges faced in outdoor living spaces. Whether you're dealing with harsh sunlight, pesky insects, nosy neighbors, or unpredictable winds, our outdoor screens offer protection and enhance your outdoor experience. We ensure precise measurements and expert installation to create a seamless and functional solution tailored to your needs. Trust us to transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and enjoyable oasis where you can relax and entertain with ease.

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ARchway Installation

Our business excels in installing motorized screens in custom archways, offering innovative solutions for light control and privacy in unique architectural spaces. Whether you have arched windows, doorways, or skylights, our motorized shades provide seamless coverage and effortless operation. We ensure precise measurements and expert installation to fit the curvature and dimensions of your archways perfectly. With motorized screens, you can easily adjust light levels, enhance energy efficiency, and add a touch of sophistication to your home or office. Trust us to enhance your custom archways with stylish and functional motorized screen solutions.

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automation programming

Our business excels in programming automation for motorized screens, providing advanced solutions for effortless control and customization. Whether you desire scheduled routines, integration with smart home systems, or remote adjustments, our automation services ensure seamless operation and enhanced functionality. We tailor programming to suit your preferences, offering convenient control over light, privacy, and airflow. With our expertise, you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of automated motorized screens that elevate the comfort and versatility of your outdoor space. Trust us to deliver exceptional automation solutions designed to meet your needs and enhance your outdoor living experience.

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our installation is backed with a

lifetime warranty

Whenever you have us install something, you can have the peace of mind that any work we performed is covered under a limited lifetime warranty. We trust that our install is at the highest level every time, and we back it up with our warranty.

*Lifetime warranty does not apply to the products purchased, or if installation has been tampered with, see store for full details.

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Our team is ready to help you create an expansive outdoor space with automated screens. If you are looking for a truly amazing experience, unbeatable screen solutions, and unmatched customer service, then reach out to us and let us show you outdoor screens the way Precision does them.