Progressive Screens

Adding an outdoor progressive screen is the perfect way to extend your living space and create an amazing outdoor experience.

Solar Screens

Progressive Screens mesh selections block 70%-97% of harmful UV rays while also providing shade and cooling on the most sweltering days.

Solar screens provide protection from the sun, wind, and heat, as well as provide that extra layer of privacy for your outdoor space.

Insect Screens

Safeguard against insects while maximizing airflow through your space.

Everyone hates bugs invading their outdoor spaces, that's exactly what the insect screens are made for. Get protection from flies, mosquitos, tiny insects and noseeums.

Vinyl Screens

Make your outdoor space accessible year round. Our vinyl screens offer temperature control and energy savings, so you can enjoy hot or cold, rain or shine.

Vinyl screens are great when you want to use your outdoor space year round. They provide protection from the outside temperatures, wind, insects and the sun.


The hassle-free design eliminates 98% of service issues

Progressive Screens' one of a kind, MagnaTrack System (US Patent No. 9,719,292) works on a dual pull magnetic system and eliminates nearly 98% of common service issues associated with other motorized screens. Unlike fixed track or zipper systems, their MagnaTrack screens flex under wind pressure and collision, preventing expensive damage from occurring.


Goodbye zippers, hello MagnaTrack

No Jams

The zipper-free system is impossible to jam.

No Snags

Top quality, strong screen mesh prevents snags.

No Hang-ups

Rare earth neodymium magnets prevent screen hang-ups.

No Re-wraps

The strongest natural magnets in the world prevent the need for re-wraps -- unlike every other competitor screen.

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Effortless Deployment

A low friction Keder Interlock means your screen is secure with absolutely no zippers

Weighted bottom bar

Rated the heaviest in the industry with retention locks to stay in place.


Easy installation for new or existing construction

Our authorized dealer network can easily install your screen into new construction or retrofit applications for residential or commercial buildings.

Custom-made to match your home’s style and architecture.

Custom screen sizes up to 30 ft wide and 24 ft tall*.

*Limitations apply

Archways can be easily screened while maintaining their unique beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

MagnaTrack screens are the world’s ONLY self-correcting motorized screens. This means you’ll eliminate 98% of all costly service calls… and you’ll avoid having to replace damaged inferior screens that break easily. Dollar for dollar, MagnaTrack is the highest quality, best long-term investment for your screens needs — by far.

Yes! We offer the industry’s BEST warranty:
– Limited lifetime on aluminum;
– 15 years on screens;
– 5 years on motors;
– 2 years on remotes;
– 1 year on vinyl.

All screens jobs are 100% custom… so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best way to know the cost for your project is to request a 100% free quote by clicking the ‘Contact dealer’ button on this page.

Yes! Our local dealer network quotes you prices that include materials plus installation. With MagnaTrack you always get full-service treatment.