Commercial Projects

Let us tailor the perfect solution for your business

With commercial projects being so customized and detailed, we like to have a more hands on approach to recommending a solution for you. Please reach out to our team to have a specialist contact you regarding your project. Here are just a few examples of the solutions we can provide for your commercial property.


conference rooms

With todays office spaces needing complete connectivity, having a conference room that can connect to the outside world is a must. We can provide innovative audio and video solutions to your team so everyone can engage in your meetings.



Your business needs to operate with safety and security at all times. With a custom built surveillance system, you can check in on the the security of your business from anywhere anytime.



If your establishment needs multiple TVs showing different channels or games at all times then a video matrix is what you need. Our team can design, sell, install and service all of your video matrixing needs.

Venue and Arena

Audio & Video

Whether it's a hockey rink, a night club or an Esports Arena, we can help create a one of a kind solution for your business. Let one of our specialists assist in designing an unforgettable experience for your patrons.


Lighting Solutions

Create the perfect inviting work environment for your employees, or create the perfect ambiance at your customer facing business. Our specialists can provide you with the perfect solution for your needs.

Commercial Solutions


We offer commercial audio solutions for everything from a retail establishment to a sports bar or office workspace. Our specialists can help design the perfect solution for your business needs.


Need 40 TVs showing multiple different channels at once? How about a single screen for a conference room? Our solution specialists can provide you with everything you need from start to finish to create the ultimate experience for your customers.


Lighting can make or break a business. It can provide the perfect ambiance or it can make a store feel cold and uninviting. With tons of options to choose from, we can help create the ultimate lighting display for your store.


Our businesses are our livelihoods, it makes sense we would want to protect that investment. From cameras to monitored security, we can provide you the peace of mind for the safety of your assets.


Businesses run on the internet, from the security system and your POS to the wireless access you provide your guests. We can help create an in depth network solution for you that provide the coverage and stability you need.

Shades & Film

Whatever you business needs are when it comes to sun or shade we can provide, from privacy shades on patios, to frosted glass at the push of a button for your conference room or office. We have the solution you need.

Venue Solutions

Looking for big sound at the football stadium? Let us help you design the right audio setup for your venue, so you can provide the best audio for your spectators.