Dual 10" Ford F150 09-Up


Dual 10" Ford F150 09-Up

Sale price$237.99
SKU: A362-10
  • Designed specifically for 2009-2018 Ford F150 Crew Cab Trucks
  • May fit some 2019 legacy models
  • Premium Carpeted Finish
  • 3/4" Mounting Baffle
  • Hardwood MDF construction
  • Rounded edges
  • Glued and Braced construction
  • Subwoofer mounting depth: 6"
  • Box volume: 0.8 cubic feet (per chamber)

Installation Note: Installs under the rear seat with Subwoofers facing down.

Strong, Reliable Vehicle Specific Enclosures

Engineered and manufactured using only the best additives throughout the production cycle. Hardwood MDF combined with true mitered corners and full inset dados. Atrend line of product is built for the high-end niche market.

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Atrend vehicle-specific enclosures are designed to fit within specific vehicle applications to help minimize the space of the subwoofer and also cleanly integrate into your vehicle without standing out.