HORNBLASTERS General Conductor's Special 2HB Delete Kit


Conductor's Special 2HB Delete Kit

Sale price$1,233.98


Behold the Conductor's Special 2HB Spare Tire Delete Kit - your wallet's new best friend in the world of affordable STD kits. This all-in-one set combines our notoriously loud Shocker XL horns, the STD bracket, and our HornAir 2HB onboard air system, delivering a sound that's larger than life, without shrinking your bank account.

  • The loudest horns we manufacture, be heard for miles!
  • Super easy install with the Spare Tire Delete bracket
  • Includes all necessary hardware & wiring
  • 3-5 second honk time, 65-second recovery

Important Notes:

  • VEHICLE FITMENT NOTICE: This bracket is not 100% plug-and-play with all vehicles. 2020-2021 Chevy & GMC 1500 and 3500 series trucks will require some modification to the mounting point for installation. If you are unsure, please contact us for assistance.
  • Fits most full-size pickups. 
  • The spare tire delete kit is shown assembled above for illustration purposes only. The kit will arrive as individual components and assembly will be required. Please check the install instructions in the section below.
  • Adding the S6 extensions to your STDK will increase the width from 20" to 29". Please make sure you have the clearance before purchasing.