STINGER RCA 4000 Series 9' 2 Channel RCA


4000 Series 9' 2 Channel RCA

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SKU: SI429
  • Oversized OFC conductors provide excellent sound quality 
  • Directional twisted-pair construction provides protection against interference
  • Continuous connection construction (C3 Tech) provides unmatched signal transfer
  • Split-tip connector allows better signal transfer
  • Directional Twisted pair winding patterns improve clarity and broaden the dynamic range
  • Ultra-Compact connector design for easy installation
  • Ribbon Style Multi-Channel Cables can be Split into individual cables for Multi Amplifier Applications
  • Multi-Channel Identifiers F/R 4ch, F/R/S 6ch
  • Molded strain reliefs for extra durability
  • Shoc-Krome plated connectors for excellent signal transfer