WET SOUNDS General 4 Zone RGB Control Kit


4 Zone RGB Control Kit

Sale price$529.99

The perfect controller for your Wet Sounds Lighting System, The WS-4Z-RGB Kit Controller works with your Wet Sounds MC-1 Media Center to give you convenient control over up to four separate RGB lighting zones on your boat. Adjust the color and pattern on each zone independently to give you total control of your LED's or simply set the lights to keep up with the beat of the evening's music selection.


Co-Developed with Shadow Caster Lighting, the "Zone Controller" allows individual or simultaneous control of four separate lighting zones on your boat or RV. Quickly change color and brightness or set the lights to dance to music. 


Supports Shadow-Caster's "Shadow-Net" devices. This allows communication with Shadow-Caster's line of underwater and above water lights, along with standard RGB Color Changing lights. 


The backlit housing installs in a 3" gauge opening and includes wiring harness and mounting hardware.