18.0 Bollard Subwoofer, Brown


18.0 Bollard Subwoofer, Brown

Sale price$6,295.00

The 18.0 Bollard Subwoofer brings low-frequency performance to the highest level. An amazing custom designed Radian 15” driver woofer is optimized in a carefully tuned 4th order bandpass enclosure to create significant output that pressurizes outdoor environments like no other sub. This subwoofer is the perfect match for our Line Source speakers to yield epic outdoor audio systems for everyone that loves detailed and copious bass.

Features Uni-Connect 8C input and output connectors for easy daisy-chain installation.

NOTE: This Subwoofer utilizes the 8C Uni-Connect cabling system.
The 8C System version is ready to connect and includes a phase inverter kit.
The 2C System version includes a 8C to CC adapter to be used with CC cables.