12" Dual SPL Vented Tuff Coat


12" Dual SPL Vented Tuff Coat

Sale price$277.99
  • Rugged Tuff Coat Finish enclosure offers superior SPL performance backed by U.S.A. made quality
  • Features full 3//4" Hardwood MDF, miter & dado construction
  • Rounded edges
  • CNC Grooved custom finish
  • Silver spring loaded terminal cups
  • Hardwood MDF construction
  • Completely Miter & Dado Groove panels
  • Box volume: 2.0 cubic feet (per chamber)
  • Total box volume: 4.0 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 22"D x 36"W x 14"H

The rugged look is easy with Atrend Tuff Coat Series

Atrend Coated enclosures feature a tough guard finish and come with rounded edges. These enclosures are built tough and can withstand the rigors of any environment. Enhanced appeal with amazing performance, Atrend Coated Enclosures are the way to go.

From design to delivery, Atrend products are tested vigorously to ensure sound quality and accurate engineering. Working with only the latest in computer automated software and machinery, Atrend continues to be a trendsetter in the marketplace. Atrend delivers quality results by utilizing only the most efficient engineering and manufacturing processes.

3/4" to 1" MDF Construction - Atrend Coated Series features high-quality MDF panels ranging from 3/4-1 Inch MDF to withstand the deepest bass.

Atrend's Trick Glue - Our Enclosures are built using Atrend's special blend of Trick Glue for up to 3600 PSI of holding ability while maintaining a flexible and durable seal.